Ashley Lester is a sculpture and printmaking artist from the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York.  Her work is aimed to invite the viewer to experience the internal conflicts of her childhood and to experience the tension and difficulties of attempting to create relationships with newly discovered family members.

Family, heritage, and research in regards to herself, and her biological identity, have led her to where her work is today. As a child, she started to become curious as to whom her biological father was. All she had was a name, inquisitiveness, and anger. At the age of 15, she met a woman on the street who would turn out to not only be her biological sister, but she would also turn out to become the catalyst to her research. Through this woman, she was able to discover several other siblings whom were unknown to her, and she was able to attempt her long distance relationship with her biological father. That relationship was short lived and eventually led to the realization that her father, and the rest of her recently discovered biological family, was something she wanted no part of. Eventually, her findings and results concluded with the suicide of her biological father and her never ending cycle of childhood curiosity and disappointment.